2% of each sale is donated to a London tree planting charity


PPP doesn’t just stand for Parasol, Parasol, Parasol (although, as you can plainly tell, we do like the sound of our own name). It’s about the material our baseball caps are made from. PPP is for People, Planet and Profit. These highlight the principles behind Cotton made in Africa or CmiA. The aim of CmiA is to support the social equality of small-holder farmers in Africa (People), protect the environment (Planet), and promote higher cotton yields and incomes for the farmers and their families (Profit).

Countries, with climates such as Uganda in Sub-Saharan Africa, are ideally suited to the production of cotton. The African savannah enjoys around 200 days of uninterrupted sunshine. This, coupled with an intense rainy season, produces high quality cotton plants. In addition, cotton is grown in rotation with staple food-crops such as maize, soy and groundnuts. Rotation maintains the balance of the soil and promotes healthy biodiversity. All this is undoubtedly better for our Planet than regular, intense cotton farming.

People and Profit are interlinked. By providing training and support, CmiA promotes social equality for small-holder farmers as well as ensuring efficient and profitable farming. But this training is not only limited to agricultural know-how. It includes support for the farmers and their families through projects such as promoting education and the advancement of women